A typical day for the children starts at 6 a.m. for prayer, chores, and breakfast. School is 9-4:30, then snacks, chores & homework. Dinner is at 8 with evening prayer & bedtime at 9.

The older kids help the younger in activities from washing clothes to getting ready for school. The Children's Home is a family; everyone participates & shares with each other. 

If a child is successful in school and we have a sponsor, they will go to college. Many children return to relatives, who accept them because they can work. A child with no family nor prospect of work stays with us until they can support themselves.

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7

Whoever receives a child in My name, receives Me. Matthew 18:5

Children Need Sponsors! 

GGM has cared for children in crisis for 26 years because the body of Christ provides for their needs. 

$80 supports a child for one month​
$40 supports half of a child's monthly expenses


Sponsors choose a specific child with whom they build a bond through prayer, letters, photos and live video calls. Come meet your child to experience the blessings of your sponsorship. We care for children equally so gifts are pooled to meet the children's needs.Your sponsor child is very aware of your support; they pray for you and cherish communication. 

Sponsors give children hope for a better future & the opportunity to know the love of Christ.  Contact Us!

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The Children's Home, born in 1992, has raised over 97 children. Generally, 30 children live at the Home at a time, accepted based on urgency of their needs. Some are orphans and others have one or both parents who can't care for them due to extreme poverty or abuse. Most are from Hindu backgrounds and never heard about Jesus. Children are raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, receiving daily training in God’s Word and attending church. 

Our children are blessed having escaped poverty, abuse, and despair. Christobel Russelliah and a houseparent live at the Home to care for their needs. Raised in a Christ-centered home, they find hope in Jesus. 

Children's Home

Loving children of extreme poverty & abuse in Jesus' name

Enjoy a short video of our kids and U.S. visitors.