Gilgal Gospel Mission

A Project of Faith & Learning International

209 E. Liberty, Wheaton IL 60187, 630-221-0648

Gilgal Gospel Mission is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

​Tax ID # 20-0743864

GGM seeks those called to put their spiritual gifts into action.Works needs done, but there are not enough servants to complete it.  God moves powerfully on the mission field, but we need volunteers to tell the story and raise support because we send over 95% of gifts to the field. Have you been praying to offer yourself to Kingdom work? Consider our needs:

1. Gifts of leadership, service, and helps are needed for the Board of Directors.

2. Gifts of hospitality are encouraged to host in-home gatherings with friends.

3. Gifts in administration are needed for website, facebook, sponsorships, mailings and more.
4. Gifts of giving is urgently needed to support our village churches.

Contact Leslie at 724-689-9843 or

…but get up and enter the city, and it will be told you what you what you must do.  Acts 9:6

The world is passing away and its craving, but the one doing the will of God continues into the age! 

1 John 2:17  

The Lord Jesus Christ called Paul with one seemingly small command “Get up and enter the city”. He could have not obeyed, perhaps afraid from being blinded or preoccupied persecuting Christians. What a great loss to the Kingdom! With Paul’s obedience, the Lord assigned his Kingdom work, mightily using Paul’s spiritual gifts.

If our earthly lives end tonight, can we say we used our gifts for God’s glory?Or, would we wish for more time to help, give, and share to receive God’s coveted accolade “Well done, good and faithful servant!”